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"HP Hotels Group is one of the best hospitality groups in Kolhapur city. HP Hotels group manage 7 distinctive properties named as Hotel Amrut, Hotel Darshan, CaroBar lounge bar and Popillon hotel in Kolhapur. Our Group is committed to provide best hospitality services to people with great passion and consistency.

Our group always maintains the highest standards and transparency in all our dealings. Excellence, Integrity, Respect and empathy these are the core values of group and which are always admired by our happy clients.

A driving force of change in hotel operation & sales. We are an experienced hospitality management company which strives to challenge the status quo and established order. With our creative strategies and best practices we turn around hotels, and reposition them to outperform their competitors and become local market leaders.

We have a firm belief that independent hotels and innovative lodging concepts have a strategic advantage over chain franchise branded hotels. With a marketplace driven by online reputation and guest reviews, a hotel with an individual character and unique customer experience can be leveraged to gain global reach and exposure.

We provide personalised hotel management & marketing services, tailored to the individual requirements of each single property.

(All services are available on Contract or Consulting basis.)

Be it managing your Human Resources or Handling Acquisition, HPalways has its strategy ready for you.
“WE TAKE CARE OF THOSE WHO TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS” - TALENT ACQUISITION SERVICES – We build the best team for you!! HPalways has its strategy ready for you.

The team is the heart and Soul of HP's Success, We build a perfect team for your hotel as the team will impact your overall success and fame. They play a major part in everything that your property does from making the profits and hospitality to your guests. Our Talent Acquisition specialists at HPalways search for the right talent who has the right expertise serving in the hospitality industry.

Your staff is the most valuable asset, Investment and precious component of your organization. It is very crucial that you find the right talent and help them prepare for success. Right from the planning to monitoring, HPassists at every step to meet success for you. We have great expertise in recruiting the best fit for every position, we understand that staff is the heart of the organization especially in hospitality industry they are like back bones because they are the one who treat your guests, serve and provide them a great experience at every step of the customer journey with your hotel.

HOTELS / RESORTS / LAND ACQUISITION SERVICES – Selling, Buying or leasing, we make the best deal for you!!
Do you want to Lease a property to set up a Hotel? Do you have experience in the hospitality industry but don’t know how to acquire a right property to put on your dream project to live? Are you looking for the best deal and best prospects in a smart way? Yes, we have solutions for all your brainstorming on Hotel, Resort and Land Acquisition.

HP is expert in dealing the properties at right value to the clients in the hospitality industry. Our Team of experts in Property Acquisition works in a pragmatic and fully aligned way basing on the interests of our clients. HPworks on the mandates for the investors and the owners of the hotels across the globe. We also support the group of hotels for the expansion strategies.

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